Frequently Asked Questions About The Stop and reGrow Hair Loss Treatment


What is the Stop & reGrow™ solution exactly?

Stop & reGrow is the only effective solution that stops hair loss and regrows a healthy head of hair. Developed by Dr. Nettles initially to prevent his own hair loss, the solution will be personalized to your own genetic makeup and biochemistry. At your initial consultation, Dr. Nettles will examine your hair and scalp using his patent-pending NettleScope™ and order blood tests to determine your biological hair loss pattern. He will then create your personalized Stop & reGrow solution which will work to both stop your hair loss and regrow your own healthy, full head of hair. 

Depending on your personal situation your solution could include a topical solution for your scalp and/or an oral pill or supplement. All active ingredients are FDA approved and the amount and strength of each is tailored to your individual body chemistry. You can find more details on our "How It Works" page.

Does Stop & reGrow involve surgery?

Stop & reGrow does not involve surgery. Depending on your personal situation it may involve a topical foam or serum and depending on the severity of your case when you start, an oral pill as well. 

Why haven't I heard of this before?

Dr. Nettles has spent the last few years quietly treating patients and perfecting the Stop & reGrow solution. He is now excited to present the solution to the public so everyone facing hereditary hair loss can stop it and regrow a healthy head of hair.

It is Dr Nettles goal to help as many people suffering from hair loss as possible. In support of that aim we spend very little on advertising thus enabling us to keep prices low.

Will the Stop & reGrow work for women?

Yes, Stop & reGrow will work for women. As the solution is customized to your individual situation based on your genetics and biology, Dr. Nettles will personalize a solution specific to your situation whether you are male or female. You can find more information on hair loss for women here.

Will Stop and reGrow work for African American or Latino hair?

Yes absolutely. The same hormones and chemical imbalances causes genetic hair loss in all nationalities and races. We will run tests to review your personal hormone and biochemistry levels and formulate a solution which will be most effective for you without over medication. Our personalized solution means you receive the dose which is just right for you.

Why choose Stop & reGrow as your hair loss treatment?

Stop & reGrow is the only solution that really works to stop hair loss and help you regrow a healthy head of hair. Developed by Dr. Robert Nettles to initially treat his own hair loss, he has created a solution that is personalized to your own biological and genetic hair loss profile to ensure you prevent further hair loss and then reverse the process and regrow your hair naturally to once again be healthy, long and strong.

What if I live far away?

If you live too far to travel to our Beverly Hills clinic, we can provide your initial consultation via video conference and ship your treatment to you at home or work. Please call our appointment line at (310) 601-4778 and let them know you will need a virtual consultation rather than an in-person appointment.

Are there side effects?

You may have read some of the articles online about the side effects which result from common hair loss medications like Propecia (Proscar), Finasteride and others. Unlike those solutions, the Stop and Regrow formula is a medical treatment combining very effective medicines in topical and oral form based on your DNA to restore hormone balance.  

While we do not use either Finasteride or Minoxidil in any of our formulations, the side effects reported for those medicines are caused by either the result of hormone imbalances caused by standardized dosing of those medicines in oral form or by reactions to problematic inactive ingredients such as preservatives, colors and other harsh chemicals required of mass manufactured products.  

By personalizing a hair-dose of different much milder medicines primarily in topical form (an easy to apply foam or serum) based on your personal DNA imbalance we have been 100% effective at treating hair loss. Some of our patients even note marked increase in energy levels, sexual drive and lean muscle development. We have had zero side effects reported to either us or the pharmacy. Dr Nettles personalizes and compounds your dose based on your DNA and THAT makes all the difference.

If you would like to read more about the side effects from other treatments available you can find a review of all the clinical studies conducted here.

An important side effect of NOT reducing your DHT levels and preventing your hair loss is enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. Read more about the link between hair loss and prostate cancer.


What should I expect in the Consultation?

Your consultation will be divided into 2 parts. At your initial consultation we will review your hair and health history and analyze your hair and scalp with the proprietary NettlesScope™
  1. At your first visit. both full size and microscopic photographs will be taken so you can see your progress at each quarterly visit.

  2. We will order the tests we need to determine your genetic hair loss profile and hormone levels including DHT. These tests will enable us to determine the exact personalized solution which will ensure you experience optimal hair regrowth results. 

  3. At your second visit we will run you through the active ingredients, their formulation in your personalized solution and explain how each will work to both stop your hair loss and regrow your own hair.

  4. We will show you how easy it is to use the foam (or serum) and apply it to your scalp on a daily basis. It literally takes less than 10 seconds to apply.

  5. We will auto-ship your solution to your preferred location every 3 months. These will usually arrive within 7-10 days. Each person's prescription is compounded just for them by our bio-genetic compounding pharmacy.

  6.  As soon as your medicines arrive you can get started on the program at home, just 10 seconds each night before bed and you will be on your way to hair regrowth.
Come back and see us every 3 months so we can check on your progress and update your program as necessary to ensure you get the best results!


How Much Does It Cost?

The fee for your initial consultation is $249 (in line with recommended specialist rates) and there may be an additional charge for the labs we need for your genetic and biochemistry analysis of at most $295 depending on your insurance plan coverage for these.

The Stop & reGrow program itself is a small monthly charge which for most people will average between $150 to $200 per month. The cost will vary based on your personal biochemistry and the severity of your hair loss when you start the program. Depending on your financial situation you may prefer to pay for a year’s supply upfront (at a discounted rate) or as you go in installments. Some patients may also be eligible for insurance rebates and/or tax deductions.

Are There Payment Plans?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to find a payment option that works with your budget.

50% of men will lose 50% of their hair by the time they are 50.

Don’t let this happen to you!
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