How It Works

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Step 1 - Consultation

Come in and see us for a comprehensive hair loss consultation (we can conduct this virtually if you are not based in LA):  
  • Review your hair and health history
  • Perform a digital scalp analysis using our patented NettleScope
  • Order the lab tests we need for your biochemistry analysis

Step 2 - Bloodwork

Visit one of our 2,200 nationwide affiliated Quest laboratories for lab tests.  We will use the results to analyse your genetics, biochemistry and hormone ratios.

Step 3 - Personalized Program

We will use your lab results to create you a personalized program to re-balance your biochemistry, allowing your hair to regrow naturally.  Your program could comprise:
  • Easy to use at home topical solution - we will create a formulation that works best for you
  • Daily pill or supplement
  • Behavioral guidance and support
Our compounded precision medicines contain only the active ingredients without harsh chemicals, preservatives or other additives.

Average cost is around $150 to $200 per month depending on your biochemistry and how advanced your hair loss is when you start the program.

Step 4 - Home Delivery

We ship your personalized medicines directly to you every 3 months in unmarked discreet packaging.
  • Apply your topical solution every night before bed (takes just seconds to apply)
  • Take your hair pill or supplement as directed

Step 5 - Sit Back & Watch Your Hair Grow

We will check in on progress with you every 3 to 6 months and adjust your personalized formula as needed to ensure that you achieve best hair regrowth results.

Still Have Questions?

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