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Prevent and reverse your hair loss before it’s too late by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Nettles today! If your hair has already started receding or thinning, then it’s important to act quickly to prevent what will inevitably happen.

The Stop and reGrow solution is a low cost, easy to use at home solution comprised of FDA approved active ingredients. Stop and reGrow is the only cure for hair loss on the market. 

What Happens Next?

Secure your consultation with a small charge which will be refunded in full if we determine that the Stop and reGrow program will not work for you. 

We will call you back within 24 to 48 hours to schedule the time that works best for you. 

Ongoing consultations and follow-ups are included at no additional charge as part of your ongoing treatment. Don't forget the Dr Nettles money back guarantee.

Depending on the severity of your hair loss when you start the program, the average cost will range from $99 per month to $199 per month. There will also be a charge for the lab tests, although this will be covered by insurance for most people.

What Should You Expect at the Consultation?

1. Your consultation will be divided into 2 parts. At your initial consultation we will review your hair and health history and analyze your hair and scalp with the proprietary NettlesScope™

2. Both full size and microscopic photographs will be taken so you can see your progress at each quarterly visit.

3. We will order the tests we need to determine your genetic hair loss profile and hormone levels including DHT. 

4. These tests will enable us to determine the exact personalized solution which will ensure you experience optimal hair regrowth results. 

5. At your second visit we will run you through the active ingredients, their formulation in your personalized solution and explain how each will work to both stop your hair loss and regrow your own hair.

5. We will show you how easy it is to use the foam and apply it to your scalp on a daily basis. It literally takes only 10 seconds to apply.

6, We will auto-ship your solution (in discreet packaging) to your preferred location every 3 months. These will usually arrive within 7-10 days. Each person's prescription is compounded just for them by our bio-genetic compounding pharmacy.

7. As soon as your medicines arrive you can get started on the program at home, just 10 seconds each night before bed and you will be on your way to hair regrowth.

8. Come back and see us every 3 months so we can check on your progress and update your program as necessary to ensure you get the best results!

So what are you waiting for?  Every day you wait to action you are losing 10 hairs per day permanently..

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