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The facts behind treatment for hereditary baldness are straightforward.
  • About 50% of men and 25% of women are affected by a slight defect on one gene which causes them to over-produce the hormone DHT.
  • DHT causes hair loss by binding to the hair follicles in affected areas (determined by hereditary patterns) causing the hair to gradually miniaturize then die in those areas.
  • Reducing DHT levels and restoring your hormone balance back to normal will stop the hair loss
  • Withered and miniaturized hair can be regrown to regain lost hair. 
  • Once the hair follicle is dead it cannot be revived so you must act fast to prevent permanent hair loss. 
  • Based on your personal genetics and biochemistry the best results will be achieved by a personalized solution which both stops hair loss and stimulates regrowth of thicker, stronger hair. 
  • Stop and reGrow™ is the only non-surgical solution on the market with a money back guarantee to support results.
  • Stop and reGrow includes ingredients to both reduce DHT and stop hair loss, plus others to stimulate faster, thicker hair regrowth.
You can check these facts yourself with your own research or with the help of your family doctor. Dr. Nettles himself is a doctor and surgeon who specializes in hair restoration procedures. Since school he has dedicated himself to finding a cure for the hereditary baldness he himself was experiencing prior to creating his cure.

Dr. Nettles is so confident that his Stop & reGrow personalized hair regrowth solution will work for you that he is prepared to put his personal guarantee behind the solution he has developed. 

The Stop and reGrow hair regrowth program is the most advanced hair loss prevention and hair regrowth solution on the market today. Dr Nettles is confident that if this solution doesn’t work for you, no other solution on the market will. 

Guarantee Terms:
  1. Each persons personalized program must be used as directed (ie: components cannot be skipped or left out)
  2. A requirement of the guarantee includes in-person follow-up/review appointments at 6 and 9 months into the program so we can amend your program as needed to ensure best hair regrowth results.
  3. A 12 month in-person follow-up review appointment is required to review and compare hair regrowth.
If after 12 months of continued use of the Stop & reGrow personalized solution as directed, the Stop & reGrow solution has not worked to regrow your hair as promised, Dr. Nettles will offer a full refund of all products purchased.

Please note that while the Stop and reGrow solution does work for women also, women's hair loss can sometimes be more complex and involve many issues besides androgenetic alopecia. As a result, the money back guarantee applies only to our male patients.

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