Reverse Your Thinning / Receding Hair Today!  

Stop & reGrow is a New Personalized Medical Treatment 
That Works To Stop Hair Loss, and Regrow Your Own Hair.
Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Stop and reGrow is a simple, easy to use at home treatment that takes just seconds to apply each night before bed. 

All ingredients are FDA approved and clinically proven to work - or your money back.
Why Is Stop and reGrow Different?

1. It WORKS or your money back*
2. No side effects
3. It regrows your own hair naturally
4. All active ingredients are FDA Approved
5. Your medicines are made fresh in our bio-genetic compounding pharmacy without preservatives or harsh chemicals (no need to sit on the shelf)
6. Takes just seconds to use at home each night before bed
7. Clinically proven results from hundreds of clients over 9 yrs
What Happens At Your Consultation?

At your comprehensive hair loss consultation we will:
 1. Learn about hair, hair health and hair loss
 2. Review your hair and general health
 3. Digital microscopic scalp analysis under our NettleScope
 4. Blood tests for biology and genetic analysis
 5. Determine your cause or hair loss
 6. Create you a personalized hair regrowth program
Answer all your questions and provide options for next steps
What is the Stop & reGrow™ solution exactly?

Stop & reGrow is the only effective solution that stops hair loss and regrows a healthy head of hair. Developed by Dr. Robert Nettles initially to prevent his own hair loss, the solution will be personalized to your own genetic makeup and biology. At your initial consultation, Dr. Nettles will examine your hair and scalp using his patent-pending NettleScope™ and order blood tests to determine your biological hair loss pattern. He will then create your personalized Stop & reGrow solution which will work to both stop your hair loss and regrow your own healthy, full head of hair. Depending on your personal situation your solution could include a topical solution for your scalp and potentially an oral medication as well. All active ingredients are FDA approved and the amount and strength of each is tailored to your individual needs. You can find more details on our "How It Works" page.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the program will vary depending on the stage of your hair thinning or loss and your genetic make-up. Typical monthly costs range between $99 up to $199 per month depending on how severe your case is, plus there is a discount for paying annually in advance. A standard specialist consultation fee will be charged, plus there may be a fee for your lab tests if you do not have insurance to cover this. Tax deductions may apply for some patients.

How long does it take?

After three to six months you will start to see hair loss stop. After 6 to 9 months you will start to see your hair regrow. It is important to act before any of your hair follicles die. Once they have died they cannot be regrown. Once your hair has started thinning about 10 hairs per day are being lost permanently and will never grow back.

What Are the Ingredients Used In The Stop and reGrow Solution?

Stop and reGrow uses only FDA approved active ingredients which are compounded in new formulas without harsh chemicals or preservatives and which have been proven not to create harmful side effects. The exact ingredients and doses used will vary based on each individual's unique cause of hair loss and your personal genetics and biology.  

Stop and reGrow does not use either Minoxidil or Propecia. At your hair loss consultation we will review your personal formulation with you and detail all active ingredients included.
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* Note: Individual results may vary. If after 12 months of continued use of the Stop & reGrow personalized solution as directed, the Stop & reGrow solution has not worked to regrow your hair as promised, Dr. Nettles will offer a full refund of all products purchased. More Details.
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