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Stop and Regrow by Robert Nettles MD is Precision Medicine to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Your Thinning / Receding Hair.

Why Is Stop & reGrow Unique?
Stop & reGrow uses a scientific approach to hair loss and treats your unique cause. We use genetic and DNA analysis to determine your cause...
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Precision Medicine
Stop & reGrow uses only FDA Approved ingredients in a proprietary formula using individual dosages based on your personal biology and genetics. 
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Holistic Approach
While many cases of hair loss are caused by a hormone imbalance, stress and diet can cause hair loss too. Your treatment will be multi-faceted...
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The Dr Nettles Story

"At a young age, I saw first my father, then older brothers thin, then bald. Deducing a similar future for myself, I started researching genetic inheritance patterns and DNA, later training in hair transplant surgery, including working alongside pioneers of the FUE method. I soon realized that transplants do not stop the progress of hair loss, 

I had an AHA moment when discovering that just as we now know good and bad types of cholesterol, so testosterone also has good and bad components, and the ratio between them would lead to my ultimate discovery of precision medicine."

To the left you can see the Nettles family tree, or at least the five Nettles brothers from oldest to youngest. Unluckily for the oldest three Dr Nettles did not discover the cure until it was too late for them. As you can see both Robert and his younger brother (Robert is the second youngest) sport a full head of hair despite both now being well beyond the age when their father and older brothers had already lost their hair. 

Why Stop and reGrow?

Hair Loss Is Caused By A Chemical Imbalance

Unless you treat this underlying cause of hair loss, any treatment you choose (including transplants) will be temporary at best.

Genetic & DNA Analysis 

Without blood work no-one can safely or effectively treat your hair loss. Blood work is needed to ensure that the right treatment is provided and that it won't cause unwanted side effects.

Only The Active Ingredients 

All our medicines are compounded fresh in the exact dosing required just for you. There are no preservatives or harsh chemicals or anything else that may cause unwanted effects in any of our formulas.

FDA Approved

All our active ingredients are FDA Approved as effective and safe by the Government. You can rest assured that we take your health seriously and will never do anything to harm you.

Dr Nettles Story

Dr Nettles was a hair loss sufferer himself and spent the last 25 years researching and developing this revolutionary treatment.

Money Back Guarantee* 

Dr Nettles money back guarantee ensures that you see results. If after 12 months of treatment you have not seen the regrowth promised, we will refund the money spent on our program in full.  More details.

Healthy Hair Education

By Dr Robert Nettles 09 Nov, 2017

Propecia® was launched in 1997 as the very first oral medication to stop hair loss by blocking production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It does so through the active ingredient Finasteride.

 There are several known problems that exist when using Propecia as a hair loss medication, lets take a look at each one:


Propecia only works for a short period of time.

  It works for just a few hours a day (its half-life is 6 hours). What does that mean for you, the guy looking to put a stop to hair loss once and for all?  It means that your hormones are out of control! You’ll experience some awful mood swings that can lead to other unwanted side effects.

 Since 1997, other hair loss solutions have been created specifically to overcome Propecia's shortcomings and therefore work for far longer. Stop & Regrow, the latest hair loss product on the market, has a half-life of 28 DAYS. 

That means it works all-day round without disrupting the delicate balance between your body’s hormones. No emotional outbursts or negative side effects!


Propecia does a poor job of actually blocking DHT production.

The only effective hair loss medications work by blocking DHT receptors in your body that DHT binds to. If DHT can’t bind to the receptors, hair loss can’t take place. 

Propecia only blocks 1 out of 3 types of DHT receptors. That means hair loss is STILL taking place while you are using the medication.  That makes it no more than 60% effective.

Compare that to Stop & Regrow, which boasts a 93% DHT reduction because it effectively blocks ALL THREE RECEPTORS.

Even if you combine Propecia with a hair transplant, it STILL wouldn’t be as effective as Stop & ReGrow (not to mention far more expensive and time-consuming)!


Propecia is not customized to the individual.

  Like millions of Big Pharma medications out there, the exact same dose of Propecia is given to people who have different heights, weights and biochemistry.  This means that men who want to stop hair loss for good can take the recommended dose of Propecia every day, and experience nasty side effects for no good reason! While for other's their dose may be insufficient to even reduce DHT by the 60% it is rated at.

Stop & ReGrow fixes this problem by using ‘precision medicine’ dosing – you get the RIGHT dose based on your individual biochemistry and size.  You don’t use Joe’s dose or Alex’s dose. Instead, you take the dose that is specifically catered towards YOU!


Propecia doesn’t help you grow your hair.

 Propecia is incapable of growing new hair or re-growing your old hair, and that’s assuming you stop hair loss altogether.

 What’s the point of having a half-grown bed of hair if you can’t grow any hair back to fill it out and give you that dashingly handsome appearance?!

 Stop & Regrow fixes this common problem seen in 99% of hair loss medications by using superior, FDA-approved active ingredients that accelerate hair growth AND prevents hair loss at the same time.


Wait, wait, wait…what is Stop & ReGrow?

Stop & Regrow is the world’s most effective and safest solution for hair loss AND hair growth.

By providing a dose based on your individual biochemistry and hormonal profile instead of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, you get an approach that works just for you.

It also avoids the use of preservatives, harsh chemicals, or any inactive ingredients that either (a) don’t do anything for hair loss and/or hair growth, and (b) lead to some awful side effects that make you stop using the medication.

Better ingredients, better medicine, better outcomes. Maximum hair growth and minimum hair loss.

By Dr Robert Nettles 08 Nov, 2017

Rogaine® entered the market 34 years ago as a vasodilator to treat high blood pressure, and one of its main side effects was hair growth.

All of this was because of the active ingredient Minoxidil.

However, what millions of balding men all around the world don’t realize is that Rogaine® is INEFFECTIVE for treating hair loss. In fact, it will make your hair loss even worse.

Here’s why…

Rogaine® doesn’t work for everyone!

It only works for about 22% of people. Do you really want to gamble with something that might not even work for you?! Of course not.
Additionally, since Rogaine® was released, better medications such as Stop & Regrow have been developed that work for virtually 100% of people who use them. 

A revolutionary breakthrough in hair loss treatment that is 500% more effective, or something that only ‘kinda’ works…which one will you pick?

Rogaine® does not address the ROOT CAUSE of hair loss.

Many doctors and hair loss experts think that improving the circulation to your scalp leads to hair growth.
WRONG! It’s because of Minoxidil’s action as an anagen agonist, which increases the rate and thickness at which new hairs grow back.

On the flip side, more DHT circulation to the scalp due to Minoxidil's vaso-dilation properties, actually results in men LOSING more of their hair as evidenced by the many men who complain of increased shedding both during and after using Rogaine®.

Even worse, Rogaine® doesn’t actually do anything to fix the process of hair loss, which as it progresses gets faster than the rate of hair growth produced by the drug.

Now, let's compare that to Stop & Regrow. It contains active ingredients that not only accelerate hair growth, but also puts a STOP to hair loss.
How? Through the power of precision medicine, which restores the biochemical imbalance in your body that leads to hair loss. in the first place.

Rogaine® has some nasty side effects.

Minoxidil has a very common side effect of unbearable itchy scalps that several users have reported to be intolerable.  So not only is Rogaine® a poor solution for promoting hair growth or fixing hair loss, but it literally HURTS to use it.

Instead of using the alcohol base in Rogaine® responsible for itchy scalps, Stop & ReGrow uses a water base. Zero irritation whatsoever.  It also avoids the use of preservatives or harsh chemicals, allowing you to apply it comfortably without any itches or pains.  

Furthermore, you get nothing but the active ingredients. Why does that matter?  Well, many hair loss solutions use inactive ingredients such as various preservatives, binding agents, texturisers, colors and scents that lead to many other unbearable side effects.  

Stop & ReGrow uses none of them, which means you have an effective solution for hair loss that’s “all action and no talk”.

Wait, wait, wait…what is Stop & ReGrow?

Stop & ReGrow is the world’s most effective and safest solution for hair loss AND hair growth.

By providing a dose based on your individual biochemistry and hormonal profile instead of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, you get an approach that works just for you.

Better ingredients, better medicine, better outcomes

Maximum hair growth and minimum hair loss.

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Michael J. - via Yelp
Shon S. - via Yelp
“I have been Seeing Dr. Nettles for 9 months and I am blown away with results! I was shopping around for a Transplant when I met him and so glad I did. Completely stopped the Hair loss and it's growing back like a weed. 
I love how he got Blood work on me and figured my unique situation for hair loss. He told me more about my health than my real Doctor!
I work in the Beauty Industry and have been turning many of the stylists I know on to him. Everyone Loves him and all I have referred is also blown away with their results and how honest and affordable he is.
My hair stylist can't believe the results and has started referring her clients."
“I have been researching hair loss and I've gone to several doctors to see what I can do about my thinning hair. After visiting dr. Nettles office, from my experience, what he showed me and the information and the process that's required to keep my existing hair and to have a chance of regrowing new hair made so much more sense than any other doctors for me. His way of looking at this situation and the before and after of existing clients convinced me to start the treatment with him. So far it has been an amazing experience and the office staff are very courteous, helpful and have been following up with me. I highly recommend this office for anyone who has thinning hair problems..”
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