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Stop and reGrow - Real Client Success Stories

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James came to see us originally 7 months ago because he had hair loss in his family, was seeing hair fall on his pillow and in the shower each morning. He also noticed his hairline moving back at the front. On the left is from his initial consultation and on the right after just 7 months on the program. We can see the progress using some distinguishing marks on his forehead: a scar in center front from a childhood accident and a mole at the top left of his head. As you can see his hairline has grown nearly half an inch back down his forehead. Read more about James' story here.*
James - 7 Months of Treatment

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Jon had started receding and thinning so badly he even cut his hair in a mohawk and padded it with product to stop it looking so thin. Now after 12 months on our program you can see he has grown it out completely and is looking great.*
Jon - 12 Months of Treatment
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Mike was considering a transplant when he found us.  He had tried everything from Propecia to Rogaine, to Viviscal and others.  He had a red and inflamed scalp from the products he was using prior to Stop and reGrow.  As soon as we switched him to the Stop and reGrow program his scalp cleared up and his hair started growing like crazy.  He has now become our biggest fan and is referring everyone he knows.*

Mike J - 5 Months of Treatment

When Max first came to see us he was experiencing diffuse thinning all over the top third of his scalp. While less common we do see this regularly. Luckily for Max he came to see us in time and we were able to save all his hair. The picture on the right shows Max's progress after just 16 Months on the Stop and reGrow program. *

Max - 16 Months On Our Program
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Ivan came to see us originally asking for a hair transplant. Instead we asked him to give us 12 months of treatment with Stop and Regrow so we could prove to him it would not be necessary. As you can see his results have been fantastic. After just 21 months on the Stop and Regrow program Pete has completely regrown and filled in all the thinning areas on his head. *
Ivan - 21 Months On Our Program

Anthony has been on our program for 10 months and spoke about his progress on the Stop and reGrow program to help other men who are suffering from hair loss.  His advice?  Don't let your hair loss take your confidence.  Come n and see us for a consultation and start your hair regrowth journey now. *
Anthony - 10 Months of Treatment
Cary was definitely very advanced in his hair loss when he came to see us. We have now turned the corner and his regrowth is starting to look very much improved. We look forward to see his hair fill out and thicken up even more over the coming months. *
Cary - 14 Months of Treatment

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As you can see from Jose's before image he was starting to lose his hair in the classic u shape from the temples.  Now after just 12 months on the program his hair is really starting to fill in beautifully. Another 12 months and you would never know he was losing his hair. *
Jose - 12 Months of Treatment
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David was not only suffering from male pattern baldness, but as a result of the stress of worrying about his hair, he also had some alopecia areata areas and was developing white hairs.  Now just 17 months into his treatment program, not only is is regrown hair looking amazingly healthy and shiny, but it is also growing back the color. *
David - 17 Months of Treatment

Don't panic, or wait until its too late. Jay started using our program 3 years ago. Listen to him talk about his experience with Stop and ReGrow here. *
Jay - 3 Years of Treatment
Evan first came to see me four months ago. Here he tells the story about how he first realized he was receding and losing his hair as well as his experience with the Stop and reGrow personalized program so far. *
Evan - 2 Years of Treatment

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