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Jay - 3 Years of Treatment
Don't panic, or wait until its too late. Jay started using our program 3 years ago. Listen to him talk about his experience with Stop and Regrow here. *
Pate - 12 Months of Treatment
One of the things you can expect on our program is for us to check on your progress and take pictures every 3-6 months. Pate came back in for his 12 month review this week and is doing so well we thought we'd show you where he started and has progressed at 9 and 12 months. Play this video to hear what Pate thinks of the program. *
Chad - 2 Years of Treatment
Chad S. first came to see us 2 years ago, and his hair was already very thin at the top of his head. He came in time though, and after 2 years of treatment his hair is thicker and fuller than before. *
Harlan - 9 Months of Treatment
Harlan H has been a client for just 9 months. His NettleScope micro images tell the story of how much his hair has regrown in even this short amount of time. *
Pete P - 18 Months of Treatment
Pete P has been on the Stop and reGROW program for 18 months and and just loves the results. Hear him tell you in his own words how much the program has helped him. *
Evan - 2 Years of Treatment
Evan first came to see me four months ago. Here he tells the story about how he first realized he was receding and losing his hair as well as his experience with the Stop and reGrow personalized program so far. *
Mike J - 6 Months of Treatment
Mike has been on the Stop and Regrow program for 6 months now and is seeing magnificent results.  See him tell about his experience in his own words here. *

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