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Sharon Before and After 22 Months on the Program

Women tend to thin all over rather than in the same hereditary patterns as men. Women's hair loss is also often more complex and generally has multiple causes. As a result it can take more time to see improvement than for men. 

Sharon was suffering from a combination of androgenetic alopecia and traction alopecia (from heavy extensions to hide the hair loss) complicated by telogen effluvium as a result of the stress her hair hair loss was causing her. *

Sharon - 22 Months of Treatment

Can our program work to grow naturally thin hair?
The answer is yes! Cathy has had naturally thin hair her whole life, but she was also starting to recede back at the front and in particular at the temples which are classic signs of hormonal hair loss. Cathy has been using just our grow solution for the last 9 months and has achieved significant improvement already. *
Cathy - 9 Months of Treatment
For many women stress manifests itself through our scalps in the form of alopecia areata. Stop and reGrow is able to treat this via a combination treatment that stops the scalp from reacting to stress and then speeds up the hair regrowth process. You can see the improvement in Shonali's hair after only 3 months of treatment with us in her pictures above. *
Shonali - 3 Months of Treatment

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